This Montreal Restaurant Has "50% Off Champagne" Deals Every Day

The best 5 à 7 in the city.
This Montreal Restaurant Has "50% Off Champagne" Deals Every Day

If a good 5 a 7 is your thing, then maybe consider taking your happy hour routine to the next level.

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If you're looking for a little extra something try hitting up this Saint-Henri spot for one of the best 5 a 7 offerings in the city.

Buvette Ludger, located in the heart of the very trendy Saint-Henri area has an amazing deal Monday through Fridays. All bubbly beverages - including champagne, prosecco, crémant, frizzante ect - paired with oysters is 50% off.  

Kind of like the 'by one, get one' deal of the happy hour world. If you're in the neighborhood, it's definitely worth stopping by for an oyster and a quick glass of bubbly.

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In the spring and summer, they have a beautiful and lively side terrace that stays busy into the night.

Also, they have an awesome menu of bistro-style dishes like home-made gnocchi, mushroom risotto, and classic tartar. Honestly, you'll probably end up staying for dinner, too.

For more info on Ludger, click here

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