This Montreal Restaurant Has A Secret Underground Cocktail Bar

Just find the door.
This Montreal Restaurant Has A Secret Underground Cocktail Bar

You might not be aware, but Montreal is home to a lot of awesome "speakeasy" style cocktail bars and restaurants.

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There's something about drinking in a secret place that's tucked away under some random building that's just super appealing. Humans are weird like that.

I also find that speak-easy style spots are great for a first or second date because space is so unique it always helps to break the ice for you and get the conversation flowing naturally.

That said, one spot that definitely gets our approval is Le Bird Bar located in the heart of Griffintown.

Le Bird Bar - which has been open for a year now - is a restaurant/bar that serves up some awesome-looking modern comfort food like macaroni and cheese and fried chicken in a homey but contemporary space. 

Looking pretty good already, right? Well, that's only the restaurant portion of this fine establishment. 

Tucked away under Le Bird Bar you will find a speakeasy cocktail bar cleverly dubbed Henden.

Henden is all part of the same business, just located underneath the restaurant and is only open from Wednesdays-Saturdays.

With an exposed grey stone wall, the Hen Den has a secret grotto-like vibe and ambiance, but the touches of bold velvet, gold, and marble really elevate the place. This is an awesome place to go for low-key drinks for a date with someone special or a friend.

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This is definitely a spot worth checking out this summer! Visit their Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE.

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