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This Montreal Restaurant Hosts A "$1 Taco Day" Every Tuesday

You deserve to taco break.
This Montreal Restaurant Hosts A "$1 Taco Day" Every Tuesday

Most tacos places offer $2 or $3 tacos deals, it's hard to come by anything 0.99 cents these days. Remeber when you used to be able to get a slice for that price. Those days are long gone.

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But this Montreal spot know long hours of studying will make you hungry and that students don't have large budgets, so every Tuesday they offer this very special deal to their clients.

Located in the heart of downtown and Guy-Concordia is a small unassuming restaurant called Don Taco. Serving not only tacos but interestingly enough, pastries and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The counter service is super casual and ready in a jiffy.  Just walk up to the counter and place your order. Before you know it, you'll be nice and full. A little preview of what to expect below.  

Also, not only do they have tacos, but also burritos. And some of our other writers here have spoken about how they may just have one of the best ones in town.  There is no Instagram glitz and glam in this place, just good old food to be enjoyed. 

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So - if you're feeling hungry or curious to try something different. Or, all you have in your pocket is a couple bucks. Just know that today  - and every Tuesday - you can get an insane deal on everybody's favorite Mexican street treat. 

For more info on Don Taco, click HERE.

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