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This Montreal Restaurant Is Having A Crazy "$1 Taco Day" For Cinco De Mayo

And drinks specials, too!
This Montreal Restaurant Is Having A Crazy "$1 Taco Day" For Cinco De Mayo

Carlos & Pepe's is one of Montreal's top destinations for Mexican food. Tacos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas, margaritas - all the typical Mexican delights you love are available at any of their Montreal locations. 

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It comes as no surprise, then - that Carlo's & Pepe's would do something special this upcoming weekend for Cinco De Mayo. Although most people outside of Mexico don't really know or understand the history behind this holiday, it is seen as just another excuse to get blackout drunk off Coronas and Tequila before 3PM, and that's alright with us.

So - if you're looking to get your fiesta on this weekend, look no further than Carlos & Pepe's. Where you can expect crazy deals like $1 tacos, 5 bottles Sols for $20, margaritas for $5, tequila shots for $3, and much much more!

Whether you want to stop by for only one drink or stay all night and eat, spending Cinco De Mayo enjoying classic Mexican dishes is a definite must. This also makes a great Saturday night date option. Who doesn't love getting a little tipsy over a sugary drink on the weekend? 

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