This Montreal Restaurant Now Sells "Ramen Burgers"

A brand new way to enjoy two amazing dishes at once.

Hey, do you remember the ramen burger trend of a few years back?

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I sure do. Ramen burgers were pretty much the most ingenious of food combinations... I mean, burgers? Good! Ramen? Good! A combination of the two? Excellent!

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Sadly, not much has been heard about the ramen burger since then. Foolishly, and sadly, I believed the trend was over.

But it's not, friends. It's only just begun, thanks to one restaurant located in Montreal's NDG.

Orange Cafe (4011 Bd Decarie) has recently introduced a ramen burger into their already delicious menu. Those of you who know this spot might know that it has some of the best bloody caesars and breakfasts in the whole city, TBH.

And now you can add "having one seriously amazing ramen burger" to their roster of awesome things.

Orange Cafe's ramen burger comes with egg, sambal mayo, arugula, and, of course, that sweet sweet ramen noodle bun. You can find this dish on Orange Cafe's dinner menu.

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Sounds like your new fave meal? Then check out Orange Cafe on Facebook for more information.

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