This Montreal Restaurant Now Serves "Deep Fried Chicken Balls"

Tender, juicy, crispy morsels of awesome.
This Montreal Restaurant Now Serves "Deep Fried Chicken Balls"

Friends, what on this earth can be better than a plate of tender, flavourful chicken?

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Oh, that's right. A plate of tender, flavourful fried chicken.

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And if you're a Montreal fried chicken connoisseur, then the chances are very high that you know all about The Basak (1237 Guy St).

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This downtown Montreal restaurant

Although all of their chicken dishes are awesome, one dish in particular truly stands out.

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Their boneless fried chicken, which are basically fried balls of pure juicy heaven, are on. Fleek. 

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You can get this dish served up a variety of ways. They've got their regular boneless fried chicken dish; their boneless hot chicken; and their boeneless soy garlic chicken, all of which are beyond delicious.  

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Sounds like your new fave food obsession? Then check out The Basak's website right here.

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