This Montreal Restaurant Sells "Cotton Candy Land" Milkshakes That You Gotta Try ASAP

Get ready for the best sugar high of your life!
This Montreal Restaurant Sells "Cotton Candy Land" Milkshakes That You Gotta Try ASAP

Montreal is known for over-the-top desserts and eats such as the Mochi ice cream shops in the city and the Montreal vendor that sells gin and tonic popsicles. But what if you could take it back to your childhood days and endulge in something completely nostalgic of Summer fairs and amusemant parks? 

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As a child you probably had cotton candy a handful of times, the sugary floss - although not the best for your teeth - was a fan favourite snack best paired with watching fireworks, riding roller coasters, and playing fair games. How cool would it be to recreate this staple snack into something absolutely insane and next level?

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That's exactly what C'ChoColat Lounge has done with this unbelievable cotton candy milkshake, topped not only with a giant fluffy cloud of assorted cotton candy, but a handful of sugary treats and a sugar straw to go with it. The milkshake itself is a chocolate gelato flavour, so you're going to either super satisfy your sweet tooth or goin into the biggest sugar coma of your life.

It doesn't stop there. This dessert bar offers not only a long menu of milkshakes to choose from, but tons of other mouth-watering desserts you need to try at least once. Items such as "chocolate mountain" waffles and chocolate peanut butter pizza are only the beginning of delectable desserts available here. 

You can find C'ChoColat at 1255 Bishop Street, or at their website HERE.

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