Nothing comforts the soul like a big juicy burger. Something about a fresh patty of meat sandwiched between two fluffy buns and topped with fresh lettuce and tomato really just hits the spot. Every time.

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There is no shortage of spots in Montreal to get a classic beef burger.  But there are very few spots in the city that offer variety as the main attraction.

Restaurant Taboo, now with two locations, is the spot to go if you're looking for diversity and a charming ambiance. Not only do they offer a vast menu of 45 mini burgers, but also 17 kinds of poutine and 180 combinations of tartar.  Here is a little preview of the burger menu, to see it all check it out here.


Their downtown restaurant is located in the heart of downtown on the corners of Drummond and Maissoneuve with a lovely outdoor terrasse, too.

Although this spot does burgers and tartar, it's surprisingly veg friendly. With some veggie and fish burgers to choose from, there is something to sample for everyone. 

That said, if you just want to have a drink, that's not a problem either. Taboo serves up original cocktails in big mason jars that definitely going to hit the spot.

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They also have daily and weekly specials. For example, for all you business lunchers out there they have a lunchtime combo deal every day. And from Monday-Thursday from 4pm-7pm, they have special deals on cocktails.

If that was enough to make you curious for more, check out their official site HERE and Instagram page HERE.