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This Montreal Restaurant Serves "Black Bao Buns" And They Look Amazing

These are the buns you want!
This Montreal Restaurant Serves "Black Bao Buns" And They Look Amazing

If you read our articles, you already know about all the crazy food creations that you can get here in Montreal. You can eat every from fried ice cream balls to lobster cones to drinkable cotton candy and everything in between! 

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Well now there's an even cooler creation that you definitely need to try ASAP! It's charcoal bao buns and they look so delicious.

via @sands_n

These delicious sandwiches are available at Ha Restaurant located at 243 Mont-Royal Ave W in the Plateau are! It's a Vietnamese restaurant and all of their food and drinks are so authentic and unique. 

via @harestaurantha

These bao bun sandwiches are made with cuttlefish ink to give them their black colour. They with two delicious options: a braised pork belly bao bun with veggies and soy sauce and a crispy shrimp bao bun with marinated veggies! 

via @montrealaddicts

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You definitely can't go wrong with either flavour when you enjoy this super unique meal! This restaurant also serves tons of delicious fresh salads, rice bowls, pad thai, coconut salmon, glazed chicken wings and so much more! 

via @harestaurantha

Not to mention their super unique cocktails that are each beautifully made! 

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via @harestaurantha

Check out their website for more information. 

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