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This Montreal Restaurant Serves $1 Tacos 7-Days A Week

Like a 5 à 7 for tacos!
This Montreal Restaurant Serves $1 Tacos 7-Days A Week

As you may have realized already, I am really into Tacos.  It's something I write about pretty often. I'm always on the look-out for a great taco deal, and when I find one, promise, you guys will be the first to know.

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I've written about this downtown spot that does a greatTaco Tuesday deal, and also Montreal's first-ever Taco Fest coming up in September.  Needless to say, we got a lot of great taco options in Montreal, and to my content, it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

A spot on Mont-Royal East just came across my radar and it's really blowing all the other taco deals out of the water. 

Barraca Rhumerie Montreal is offering $1 tacos, not just on Tuesday, but every day of the week before 7PM.  Think of it like a taco 5 à 7. 

Via BarracaRhumerieTapas

They also have some awesome drink specials like on Monday and Wednesday you can get a double mojito for the price of a single.  I like the sound of that. 

Via BarracaRhumerieTapas

Rum-lover will especially like this spot, as they offer a vast selection of rums from all around the world. 

For more information on Barraca Rhumerie, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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