This Montreal Restaurant Serves Japanese-Style French Fries

Can you really ever go wrong with a potato?
This Montreal Restaurant Serves Japanese-Style French Fries

Potatoes are one of the most versatile types of food on this earth. I mean, they are good in any and every form. Mashed, hashbrowns, baked, fried, they're all good! You really can't say that for any other foods.

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So whenever a restaurant decides to experiment with potatoes, I pretty much know that it's going to be a success. It's almost impossible to go wrong and I am always open to new ways to eat fries.

One of the best thing about fries is that everyone can eat them! They can be fancy or covered in grease but they are definitely a fan favorite. Most of the time they're even vegan. Fries are for everyone!

That's why I got really excited when I heard about Montreal's "japanese-style" fries! 


Contemporary Japanese-themed restaurant and pub Kinka Izakaya makes the coolest fries you'll see in a long time. Covered in ginger and aonori seaweed, they are sure to surprise you and your taste buds.

The restaurant owners and staff pride themselves on helping their clients explore Japanese cusine beyond just sushi, so their dishes are unique and flavorful.

Located at 1624 Saint-Catherine St W, this place is a great pit stop for a night out. It's right near all the best Saint-Catherine bars and even they have a huge sake selection! 

"Kinka" translates to "Golden Flower" which means happiness, so this place is the definition of a good time. With their busling atmosphere and impecable dishes, Kinka Izakaya definitely won't disappoint!

OSAKA FRY French fries w/ a Japanese twist.

April 8, 2018