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This Montreal Restaurant Serves The Most Deliciously Authentic Chinese Food In The City

It’s no secret that Montreal has an over abundance of restaurants. However, one thing we're lacking in this city is authentic Chinese food.

Sure there are plenty of Chinese restaurants, but I’m not talking about your everyday Tiki Ming. You heard me, I’m talking about REAL CHINESE FOOD. So if you want to taste something other than General Tao chicken, then this place is for you.

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It's called Papa Jackie and they have everything from a 3-course duck that’s crispy and juicy, down to a shanghai beef served in a boat.

Via Papa Jackie

And for you lobster lovers, feast your eyes on this beauty!

Via yelp

It’s not just your ordinary lobsters; it’s a FRIED ginger lobster - juicy and super flavorful.

Papa Jackie is only a short drive to Brossard. The newly renovated restaurant has it all, great service, fair prices, and of course, straight-up delicious food!

Even the pickiest eater will love it.

Check out Papa Jackie Facebook page for more info.

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