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This Montreal Restaurant Serves "Vegan-Vegetarian Brunch" And It Looks Amazing

Healthy foods taken to a whole new level.
This Montreal Restaurant Serves "Vegan-Vegetarian Brunch" And It Looks Amazing

Montreal is home to some seriously amazing brunch spots. We really make brunch into it's own culture around here. People live for the weekends just so they can go out for a cute brunch with their friends, eat awesome food, and take Instagram pics of their stylish meal. 

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That's definitely not a bad thing though, I'm totally guilty of doing this too. In fact, if I don't go to brunch at least once a weekend, it feels like I missed out on something. 

Not many places serve all-vegan/vegetarian brunch, so when you find an amazing spot that does, you've got to get over there ASAP! 

via @mazroudecouvre

The spot that serves this insanely good brunch is called Liv Salads located at5 350 St Laurent Blvd in the Mile End. This spot prides themselves on using all fresh, locally grown ingredients. In fact, they have a garden on their roof that they use for most of their dishes! 

via @offtomontreal

They make some delicious brunch items like their avocado toast topped with figs, tomatoes, caramelized nuts, balsamic, mint ricotta and more! They also serve an insane looking chia pudding topped with alll the fruits, banana crepes, and so much more. 

via @imkaylaroy

Not only does this spot serve some of the best brunch in the city, but they also serve salads during the week that are honestly, bigger than your face! 

Their salads are topped with all kinds of good toppings from strawberries to figs to purple cauliflower and everything in between. 

via @livsalades

via @montrealmaven

If you're looking for a new brunch spot this weekend that's going to serve up some healthy eats, while keeping it delicious this is definitely the spot to go! 

via @livsalades

Check out theirwebsite for more information. 

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