This Montreal Shop Serves Poutine Ice Cream And It's The Most Quebecois Thing Ever

Would you try this?
This Montreal Shop Serves Poutine Ice Cream And It's The Most Quebecois Thing Ever

Who doesn't love ice cream? Who doesn't love poutine? But for real, who doesn't love poutine ice cream? I'm a little bit skeptical about this one, but I am DEFINITELY intrigued. 

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It's called the "Poutine glacée" and it's definitely the most Quebecois thing ever. Who needs boring old ice cream on a cone when you can get this! The things that people come up with never cease to amaze me. You will never be bored with your food in Montreal.

But is this really something that you want to take on? Will it ruin poutine for us? Who knows. I guess that the only way to figure it out is to try it for yourself.

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You can all calm down this isn't actually a mixture of fries, cheese, and gravy with ice cream. That would be downright wrong. And I know it wouldn't taste good. No one should desecrate poutine like that. It's actually made of vanilla soft-serve, marshmallows, and caramel sauce. Now that sounds good!

This epic creation can be credited to Cremerie Lafontaine, an awesome little shop that you can find at 7166 St Hubert St, Montreal, QC H2R 2N1. It's right near Métro Jean-Talon. They also have a location in St-Jerome if you live anywhere near there. 

There's more to this place that just this awesome icy treat. They also have awesome gelatos and cakes. They even have vegan options! What more could you want from them? 

Summer is right around the corner so make sure you stop by here while you're consuming all the ice cream humanly possible. What's more is that they have a freaking breakfast menu. If you're not sold by now, then I have no hope for you.

Check out their whole ice cream menu!


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