This Montreal South Shore Home From The 1960s Proves Retro Can Mix With Modern

Photo cred - Naturehumaine

A family home can quickly become outdated as the generations pass. What is in style in the 60's doesn't usually crossover to the modern day too well, especially when you factor in the natural decay of a home's materials. But even the oldest of homes only needs a rejuvenating makeover, as proven in Naturehumaine's work on the Closse Residence.

This South Shore home on Closse street was originally built in the 1960's by the current owner's father, and had zero reconstruction since then. Originally, the home had next to no natural light, and stood as a series of rooms closed off from one another by a central staircase, not that you would be able to tell to look at the Closse Residence now.

Removing the south wall and placing in glass patio doors has allowed for an amazing amount of the sun's warm rays to freely enter the home, which, coupled with the steel and wood paneling and flooring that is found throughout the house, makes for a very inviting atmosphere.

The home's original stair unit was completely remodeled, as was the stone fireplace, both of which bridge the Closse Residence's past to its current beauty. Old and new, along with natural and mechanical, mesh into one cohesive aesthetic, the perfect balance to the home's surrounding greenery.

Take a look through the Closse Residence via the photos below, courtesy of Naturehumaine.

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