This Montreal Spot Has The Most Beautiful Terrasses In The City

Waterfront views FTW.
This Montreal Spot Has The Most Beautiful Terrasses In The City

Considering that we are stuck indoors for a gloomy 6-months of the year, 5-months if we're lucky,  it's no surprise that Montrealers love to eat and drink outside in the spring and summer season.

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As soon as the weather warms up a bit,  restaurant owners are quick to expand their dining space to the outside.

Everybody has their go-to terrace in the city and some restaurants and bars that are known solely for their bumping terraces.  The one thing that most downtown establishments can't offer -  though, is a beautiful waterfront view and fresh air.

But take a quick drive out to Lake Shore Drive in Saint-Anne-De-Bellevue and you will be in for a treat. Scattered along the lakeshore are some of the most beautiful terraces in the city overlooking the water.

Sip on your beer or glass of wine while watching the boats come in and out of the harbor. Doesn't get much more scenic than that. And the best part is the sunset from this area is spectacular.

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For more information on Saint-Anne-De-Bellevue and all the restaurants in the area, click here.

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