This Montreal Spot Serves Mediterranean-Style Brunch And It Looks Amazing

Bet you never tried this.
This Montreal Spot Serves Mediterranean-Style Brunch And It Looks Amazing

The Mile-End is definitely a neighborhood that is continuously blooming, especially when it comes to restaurants. I think it's safe to say the Mile-End has become a bit of a restaurant haven in Montreal.

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That said, a new spot has caught our eye because of their vibrant and fresh-looking Mediterranean inspired dishes. And yes - brunch.

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Mirazu - a cozy spot seating about 42 people - is located in the heart of the Mile-End on the corner of Fairmount, is a middle-eastern style restaurant specializing in Turkish dishes. And like most middle-eastern spots specializes in serving up some succulent grilled meats. yum yum.

The delicious Mediterranean inspired brunches are served on Saturday and Sundays starting at 10AM. Their brunch specialty is a Turkish dish called Menemen.

Menemen is a kind of Turkish-style Ouvos Rancheros, soft-boiled eggs in spiced and fragrant tomato sauce served piping hot with a delicious hand-made flatbread. What's event better is this spot serves many different styles of Menemen, with lamb, spicy beef, and homemade sausage. Getting hungry yet?

The good news: this cozy and charming restaurant itself every day for lunch and dinner, too.

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With only authentic and flavourful cuisine to choose from their menu consists of Turkish classics such as hot and cold mezze (small plates), grilled fish, and fresh salads and grilled vegetables.  Although they do serve grilled meat - including lamb - this spot is most definitely veg friendly.

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For more info check out their Facebook page HERE.

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