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This Montreal To Quebec City Cruise Is The Perfect Romantic Getaway This Summer

Leave right from the Old Port.
This Montreal To Quebec City Cruise Is The Perfect Romantic Getaway This Summer

Montreal's Old Port is back to full-on tourist mode as the summer season and fun activities are back in action. 

As of last night, Montreal's Old Port unveiled their new cruise ship terminal, which had been closed to the public for over a year while being renovated.

You can go there and take in all the views and commotion as cruise ships depart from Old Montreal on their respective journeys. 

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Via National Geographic

This sparked my intrigue to see just what types of cruises one could take from Montreal - who doesn't love a spontaneous getaway, right? 

One of them in specific caught my attention. Did you know that the perfect couples getaway can be found on an Old Port cruise ship? 

Via Tours Voir Quebec

It's true! Right now, you can enjoy a 2-day cruise from Montreal to Quebec City, with an overnight stay and included meals. 

Sometimes, being a tourist in your own city and/or province can deliver some of the best experiences one could ask for! 

There are a variety of packages available starting at $300 per person - this includes a hotel room for the night in Quebec City, as well. 

For someone like myself, this cruise package is incredible! Maybe a little pricey to some... but I, personally, have never been on a cruise ship, or to Quebec City. So I call this a win-win. 

If you're looking for a small romantic getaway that won't cost you tons and tons of money, this could be the perfect option for you and yours! 

Quebec City is one of Canada's most beautiful cities - or so I've heard. Just looking at photos of the province's capital has me convinced. 

Via Cruise Critic

Quebec City is chalked full of cool things to see. Their Fairmont hotel on the St. Lawrence River looks like it belongs at a mountain resort - much like the Fairmont in Banff, one of the most spectacular looking hotels I've ever seen. 

Or, maybe if you plan it out properly you can take this cruise, tack on an extra night (which is an option available) and go check out Festival D'ete De Quebec for one day. Their 2018 lineup is pretty insane!

The Montreal-Quebec City romantic getaway for 2 has departing dates in August with plenty of options to fit your busy schedule. By the way, just cause I want to call it a romantic getaway, doesn't mean you need to be in a relationship to enjoy this! 

The cruise leaves from Alexandra Pier in the Old Port of Montreal on select dates this summer.

You can find more information,rates, and available dates right here

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