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This Montreal Upscale Matchmaker Will Get You Married To A Millionaire

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This Montreal Upscale Matchmaker Will Get You Married To A Millionaire

If you've had enough of Tinder, Bumble and other online dating apps, why not opt for a more traditional and personalized approach - a Montreal upscale matchmaking service called Absolute Bachelor Club.

Today, I had the pleasure of talking to the founder of the company, Natacha Noël. She was kind enough to answer a few questions and share some dating tips with me. Want to marry a millionaire? Read below and you'll find everything you need to know about this topic.

Why are your matchmaking services labeled as “upscale”? Do your clients fall within a certain income bracket?

Yeah, they definitely fall within a certain income bracket. [Six figure earners].

What are the most common qualities men look for in women?

Men look for physical attraction, of course. They obviously look for someone they find [beautiful]. They also look for femininity, confidence. Men want someone who's stable and has a structure. Perhaps, someone who has a job or, at least, something they're passionate about. They also want someone who's emotionally stable.

What do women look for in men?

Women want someone attractive too, I have to say. But, overall, they're looking for someone who's financially secure, "successful" and/or passionate about what they do. Not everybody wants a VP or a company president or a millionaire... but in all cases, women want someone who's happy with what they do and who has a certain success at their job. They're also looking for a man who is loyal, honest and who has integrity. Women prefer men whose actions match their words.

What are some mistakes women do on first dates that stops them from getting a second one? (asking for a friend)

Women can sometimes come off as desperate and they have to be very careful with that. Yes, you need to say what you want and it's important that you know what you're looking for... it's also crucial that you're able to express the type of relationship that you're looking for from the beginning. That being said, you can't be too aggressive in the conversation and say, "Hey, when do you want to have children?" or "When do you want to get married? Do you see that happening soon?" Because that can be perceived as the only thing that the woman wants. The guy wants to fall in love first, and then, if it works out, he will talk about marriage and children. So it's in the wording and not so much in what you really want. You have to be careful about how you approach this conversation. You can't talk about anything really on date one.

Another mistake that women make is to appear too independent. The common cliché or lie that I hear in my office is: "Oh, I scared him away because I'm too successful, I make too much money. I've got my own condo, my own car, so they don't see what they can do for me. I'm too much for them, that's why I don't get dates." I've never met a man in my office who said, "If she makes too much money, don't introduce her to me!" It's quite the contrary. Men are impressed if you're making money. Now, if on the date you're too upfront about these things, then the man might think, "Wow, there's nothing for me to do here, she doesn't even have time for a relationship." He's going to perceive your extremely booked week as "she doesn't have time for me." You don't want to come off as too "independent." You need to be physically and emotionally available to meet the guy.

Are you saying that men look for love just as much as women do?

One thousand percent, Irina. They want children, they want to be married, they want to be in a relationship as much as us... They want to do romantic things, go out for dinners, travel with you, etc.

Who are more prone to cheat in a relationship, men or women?

We conducted a survey that showed that women believe in monogamy much more than men. Women feel it's possible. Men, on the other hand, might be more realistic and say, "I've seen my friends cheat on their wives, I lived it, so I don't believe in it so much." But we don't have the data proving that men cheat more.

Why do you think people need to use your matchmaking services?

To accelerate the process. First of all, there's a certain clientele - like I said it in the beginning of the interview - there's a specific income bracket that we're talking about here. That being said, other match making services will not necessarily cater to six figure earners.

In addition, most match making services attract people who are very interested in being in a relationship. We're weeding out people who are only looking for casual encounters and non-traditional relationships. When people come to us, they want quick introduction with a compatible match that they're also going to be attracted to. They come to me for both: attraction and compatibility.

How can one become a client of your company?

They can go on my website or call our 24-hour phone service. First, they will get interviewed by my consultants and then they will be asked to come in for a face-to-face interview. We take it from there. I always meet everyone.

We also have coaching classes for women. Very often, women think that the problem is the guy and that's because they don't know how to eliminate men who are not available to them. We've got a great program that teaches women to stop wasting their time on the wrong guy.

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