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This Montreal Warehouse In Pointe-Saint-Charles Is The Dream Workplace

The Aménagement Côté Jardin office by KANVA Montreal.
This Montreal Warehouse In Pointe-Saint-Charles Is The Dream Workplace

Photo cred - KANVA

Not every office building or workplace really reflects the work being done by all of the employees, unless you're working at Google or something. KANVA Montreal managed to make the working space of landscaping firm Aménagement Côté Jardin mirror their work entirely, recreating their industrial warehouse-headquarters into a macrocosm of a potted plant.

Located on Hogan street in Pointe-Saint-Charles, the original building was a simple warehouse functioning as both the workshop and office of the landscaping firm. Inspired by the Aménagement Côté Jardin day-to-day duties, KANVA reimagined the warehouse into a new space that stands as a giant psuedo-greenhouse.

Using a potted plant as the basis of their inspiration, KANVA installed three different section: the plant's container, the flower itself, and the plant's bulb, the latter being the seemingly random green box at the centre of the building. Transparant and opaque windows and surfaces were installed to compliment the plant-structuring and is meant to embody the atmosphere of a greenhouse.

See inside the Aménagement Côté Jardin building by KANVA Montreal in the photos below, all courtesy of KANVA.

Photo cred - naturehumaine

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