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This Montreal Warehouse Store Has A Huge Selection Of Winter Coats For Cheap Right Now

Winter is officially here and with this in mind, we women have to embark on the tedious journey of finding the perfect winter jacket that is at once fashionable, affordable and let's not forget, warm.

Usually, when I'm looking for a jacket, I want it to bundle me up like a little burrito while still making me look like Beyoncé.


I want to look like Beyoncé, not spend money like her. Which means that my next winter investment needs to be affordable.

This is all possible thanks to Centre Du Manteau!

Located at 6595 St. Urbain, this warehouse store is jam-packed with lots of winter coat styles to choose from!

Centre Du Manteau is known for its premium outerwear at factory-direct prices, which means that you don't have to ball out and spend your entire life savings on a winter coat!

Now gents,Centre Du Manteau only carries outerwear for women, so you're kind of out of luck here but that doesn't mean you still can't drop by. Ladies love gifts. Good thing Christmas is right around the corner too!

There are hundreds of winter coats to choose from so you can be sure that you will find something you like at a very affordable price. The brands they carry are at huge discount prices compared to retail stores, as retail stores buy from them! Seriously, you will be shocked at how affordable their coats are. That means more money for you to spend on something else... perhaps a trip down south for a week once the temperature really drops.

Their store isn't set up like a crazy warehouse either, with coats all over the place. They have a factory setup with coats arranged by style and size which makes for a great shopping experience! You can comfortably browse for styles and sizes without feeling like you're fighting for food during an apocalypse.

Ladies, make sure to hit up Centre Du Manteau and check out their Facebook page for all the latest. Don't miss an opportunity to buy an incredible winter coat at an amazing price!