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This Montreal West Island Restaurant Is A Hidden Authentic Italian Gem

Pastamore is where you want to eat.
This Montreal West Island Restaurant Is A Hidden Authentic Italian Gem

Photo cred - Fabian Encarnacion

Eating authentic Italian in Montreal doesn't require going to a fancy restaurant or hauling it to an eatery in Little Italy. Arguably the tastiest, and freshest, pasta places in Montreal is actually kind of hidden, and not where you'd expect to find authentic Italian dishes. West Islanders are lucky to live near Pastamore, a true hidden gem, one all pasta-lovers should make the trip to check out.

Located inside the the Marché de L'Ouest (map), Pastamore seems more like a storefront you'd find in Jean-Talon or Atwater Markets. Using only 100% drum semolina (none of that basic white flour), no preservatives, and farm fresh ingredients, Pastamore makes all of their pasta in-house, by hand, every single day. Using family recipes dating back generations, and officially in the business for 20 years, Pastamore has the experience to back up their pasta-cred.

Being able to see the freshly made pasta is a sight to behold, as is the long list of pastas and sauces available each and every day. Pastamore boasts an extensive list of 40 different kinds of pastas they can prepare (with tons of stuffed pastas on the list) which can all be topped with their many different sauces which includes over 40 varieties, from tomato to cream-based and anything in between.

Like any good eatery, Pastamore caters to the individual as well as a group/family. Pop in and get a quick meal (to stay or go) from the hot table. With their daily specials posted online everyday, Pastamore is the perfect spot to grab lunch or dinner “on the go” which can be ready for you or your family in 10 minutes, including lasagna, manicotti, cannelloni, and pasta, of course. Special orders for large crowds or specific items can also be made, to make sure you get the Italian eats you need.

With a friendly staff who want you to be well fed, and Italian food that will make sure you are, Pastamore is the down-to-Earth and simply delicious Italian restaurant you need in your life. No frills, no unneeded fanciness or high prices, just good, comforting, and above all, tasty Italian food.

Get more info on Pastamore and what they can make for you by heading to their official website and Facebook page here.