This Montreal Wine-Bar Will Make You Feel Like You're In An Underground Sex Club

A bar is a bar, right? Wrong. Very, wrong. If you feel like any drinking spot will do, then you clearly haven't experienced all that Montreal has to offer in terms of the drinking scene. And, it's about time you do.

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If you can imagine a cool idea for a bar, then somewhere, someplace in the world it probably exists. And, if it doesn't then you should probably start a business. Just sayin'. 

Well, someone here in Montreal had a pretty great idea for a bar, one that will help you get tipsy and relaxed all at once. 

Femme à la Fontaine will really make you feel like you're in some kind of bathhouse. Not only is it covered with art of female nudity, but it has dark red lighting and inspired statuettes all over the bar.

This little gem can be found in Little Italy on Saint-Laurent street and it is sure to catch your eye. You can get there from Metro Beaubien or the 55 bus.

Their name actually translates to "The Squirter", so if that doesn't peak your interest, I'm not quite sure what will.

Even their menu looks amazing! It's simple and elegant, yet it includes beef tartare, marinated octopus with romanesco, and a fennel-artichoke salad.

Via Femme à la Fontaine

This awesome (and awesome-looking) bar has a huge natural wine list that you can choose from for a perfect, relaxing, and slightly boogie night. All you need to do is grab some friends and get down there.

The owner describes the decor as "discount art-déco meets 80's public bathhouse." Don't believe me? Just check out the photos for yourself. 

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