This Montreal Woman Is A Model AND A Psychic

I've known Dominique Arganese for some time now and I've always noticed a certain aura of mysticism around her. However, it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realized her Facebook bio said: "Model, Psychic, Medium, Tarot and Palm reader [...]." Wait, what? Model AND psychic? You may or may not know that I am exceptionally fascinated with all things paranormal. So right away I knew that I had to get in touch with this gorgeous creature and 1) beg her for a palm reading then 2) have her answer a few questions about this mysterious professional domain.

How did you find out that you had psychic powers?

I discovered I had mystic powers at the age of 9. It was a shocking premonition - I felt the death of [one of] my closest friend's father. He died the next day. It was so intense that my friend never spoke to me ever again and I was really traumatized from that experience.

And then when I was 14 years old, I started astral traveling and I would see dead people. I was afraid of these visions and when I woke up I realized I needed to educate myself on the knowledge of esoteric properties.

My sister and I both realized our gifts and then discovered from speaking with our father that his father's brother was an acknowledged psychic in Rome, Italy. And then I also realized I could read hands and what I would see would surprise everyone and what I would predict would happen. I was really surprised at what I was able to read off the hands of my friends.

One day I travelled to a witch village in Sedona, Arizona. Once I entered a psychic boutique, the woman told me I was a gifted light bearer and that I would help people that would require my gifts. So I started from there, getting seriously into it and learning to understand what I could do with my gifts. My biggest rewards were knowing that I could help people understand their situation.

Do you actually believe in prophetic dreams?

Yes, I do! I remember most of my dreams and they [allow] me to feel what path is in front of me. It also permits me to feel the path of other people around me even before I meet them. Like this one time, I could see that a pregnant woman would give birth to a baby girl and she didn't even know she was pregnant until she [took a pregnancy test].

Is palm reading a science or is it more of a spiritual thing? In other words, can anyone learn to become a psychic?

Palm reading is a spiritual gift that requires psychic energy from within. Everyone has the ability but unfortunately it requires to be able to channel that energy. Not everyone has an open door to it. One of my gifts is to also help the ones that are motivated to understand how to channel their spiritual energies.

Can you see your own future?

No, but I can visualize it and take the right path into my future. I usually can feel the events in my life before they happen. I am not one of those psychics that predicts the future like [you often see] on television or [hear on] the radio. I simply visualize a person's life and at that point, I am able to help them to the right path.

Photo cred - Dominique Arganese

How often do you get visions?

All the time! Even from people around me that I never met and, sometimes, I can [...] hear the voices of the dead.

What are your views on religion and life after death?

I am and will always be of Catholic nature from my family. I also believe that all religions have a meaning which [allows] me to believe in god (Hindu,Buddhism and Wiccan) - basically the religions that bring out the good energies and love. I also believe in life after death, reincarnation, paradise and life in other dimensions and planets in our known universe.

I met you about five years ago when we were both working at the club above Rosalie restaurant (called Clubhouse at the time) and that place was rumoured to be haunted. Do you think it actually was?

Yes, it was! When I used to work [there], I felt the spirits which were from the old days of the begining of the 19th century. Also, at the end of my shifts, the girls that worked with me would always ask me to read their palms. Considering the amount of energy that is required for palm reading, the Clubhouse was the perfect place for me to do it. I felt that the spirits there would appreciate me, considering the fact that I could feel them. I also felt a good energy. The spirits made me feel that I could make good money when I worked there.

How can our readers get a palm/tarot reading from you?

I am usually referred by my established customers but I can also be reached on my Facebook page Dagda Psychic. I offer my services through my Esoteric Events that are advertised on my Facebook Page [as well].

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