This Montreal Woman Is Literally The Most Powerful Person In The City

While proving women rule the world.
This Montreal Woman Is Literally The Most Powerful Person In The City

Coming from the exotic shores of Casablanca, Sofia Echadli landed in Montreal on a snowy morning in January about 15 years ago now. A successful Life Coach, hacker, a top 10 gamer in the country (creator of various popular cheat codes) and with extensive experience in the fields of architectural design, and business, Sofia is proving that girls really do rule the world.

She also opened her own fitness centre at the age of 22, and is the co-founder of Volcanica - a consultant company that generates millions in sales each year. But that impressive resume is not what gives her the title of Montreal's most powerful woman.

Having everything she's ever wanted, Sofia still had an itch for more. She wanted to create something bigger than herself. She wanted to build a platform where women could shine together [instead of] competing against each other. ... and that's how a movement was born.

Sofia launched the first "Boss Girl" conference: A New Woman Today (ANWT).

photo cred - Elise Hogberg

#ANWT for women, by women.

In just a short 52 days, Sofia and partner Fadwa put together the concept of #ANWT with its first pilot conference launching just last weekend at the St-James Theatre in Montreal. Over 200 women gathered for an entire day to hear various female leaders of industry share their success stories and offer critical advice on how to open your own business.

Having attended the event myself, I can tell you first-hand that ANWT was a HUGE success!

I learned so much listening to inspirational speakers such as: Sonia Zarbatany (Owner of Zarby International), Mariella Katz (Founder of Frenzr), Lindsay Davis (Founder of One Whole Soul) and many more.

via @anewwomantoday

What's next?

"The goal is to expand and build more Boss Girls all over the world."

Keep your eye out for upcoming conferences, and let's remember to shine together. As for Montreal women, there will be a second edition of ANWT, with new speakers launching at a "secret" location very soon.

Join the movement! Use the hashtag #ANWT on Instagram. For more information, visit their Website.

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