This Montreal Woman Is The Voice Of The STM Metro System

You can now put a face to the voice.
This Montreal Woman Is The Voice Of The STM Metro System

Photo cred - Michele Deslaurier & Theodoro Koulis

One voice is nearly synonymous with riding the metro. You know the one, the soothing woman's voice that announces each station and any interruption of service that is so serene, calm, and collected, many think it is a robot. That's not the case, however, as the voice of the STM is a real life person, otherwise known as Michèle Deslauriers.

A Quebec-born actress, Michèle Deslauriers has been the comforting siren of the metro for the past 11 years. In an interview with journal 24 Heures (reposted by JdM) the actress has given some insight into how she gained the role, and how it has changed her life.

Deslauriers recounts how she initially tried out for the position when the STM began its search for a new female voice to replace the recordings by Judith Ouimet more than a decade ago. The rest, as you know/heard, is history.

Living life as the voice of the STM hasn't drastically changed Deslauriers' life, as much like a radio host, most have no idea it is her voice ringing throughout the metro network. Some have caught on over the years, actually taking pictures of Deslauriers while on the metro, and we can't blame them. We'd totally take a selfie with Deslauriers, to put a face to the voice we know all to well.

Read the whole interview (in French) here.

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