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This Montrealer Has Every Man's Dream Job

He's living the life.
This Montrealer Has Every Man's Dream Job

Oren Bornstein moved to Montreal from Framingham, Massachusetts to attend Concordia University. He quickly fell in love with the city and decided to stay for good. Oren made his career goal to show how great and vibrant our city is to his peers from out of town.

Oren runs Connected Montreal along with his partner. The core of his business consists of... wait for it... organizing bachelor parties! And not just any bachelor parties, but the most extravagant, crazy, over the top, exclusive ones.

"I am like a luxury concierge, but for what guys really want (as long as it's legal)", jokes Oren. Generally, his clients are extremely wealthy Americans who want top notch service and unforgettable experiences. One of Connected Montreal's clients spent a hefty $100K for his bachelor party weekend. Oren has been in this business for over 10 years and has managed to build a solid reputation among CEOs, athletes and professionals of diverse fields thanks to his professionalism and discretion.

Why would these men choose Montreal over other available cities as their party destination? Oren is convinced that Montreal is actually better than Las Vegas. "The real reason [why guys love Montreal] is the women here - more laid back [and] hotter [...]. It's also interesting for the girls. I pay them just to hangout and party with rich and successful guys. And my clients love it because I source cool Montreal chicks. Not escorts, but just cool girls. One girl even married a client and now lives in London." The ladies are always spoiled with Cristal Rosé champagne and $1000 meals at the best restaurants of Montreal.

"I'm also known for coming up with crazy ideas like eating sushi off a naked woman or topless beer pong. I even have two midgets on staff to bartend for clients."

Photo cred - Oren Bornstein

In his spare time, Oren is an underwater photographer and spends his time off scuba diving in Asia. Talk about a dream life!

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