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This Montrealer Is Hollywood's Next Biggest Star

If you don't know, now you know.
This Montrealer Is Hollywood's Next Biggest Star

I've known Moe Jeudy-Lamour for almost 10 years now. (Sh!t time flies). I met him on a random night out on the town, along with his older brother, Nick. If you don't know these guys, let me just say they are the "it brothers" of Montreal's nightlife.

Born in Montreal but from Haitian descent, Moe has been in the acting game for as long as he can remember...And if there's something about Moe, he sure knows how to put on a show.

He's tall, handsome, built like an all star athlete (check it out in my article on Montreal trainers) and has a killer smile. Moe is hard to miss... and now even more than ever.

Here's to our Montreal celebrity who's taking over - one screen at a time.#Famous.

photo cred - Moe Jeudy-Lamour

Race is a movie directed by Stephen Hopkins about Jesse Owens, an Olympic athlete who becomes a track and field sensation while attending the Ohio State University in the early 1930's. Owens gains national recognition for breaking numerous records. After heated debates, the United States decides not to boycott the Olympics in Nazi Germany. Overcoming racism at home and abroad, Owens seizes the opportunity to show Berlin and the the world that he's the fastest man alive. 

GO WATCH IT. Especially now that we know Moe is in it. But seriously, who the FVCK is MOE?

Tell me about your part in the movie?

"I play Mel Walker, one of Jess owen's best friend."

How did you land the gig?

"I heard there was an opening, and went to the audition. Getting so many no's and then finally getting a call back for a production like this is surreal".

This is not your first appearance on screen. What other movies have you been featured in?

"X-Men - Days Of Future's Past, Red Two, and many other french movies."

What's next?

Moe is working on a french film "King Dave" which will be released in the upcoming months.


Follow his journey through his Facebook and Instagram.

PS: Ladies, I do believe he is single, but he won't be for long...

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