This Nature "Skywalk" That Hangs Over A Waterfall In Quebec Is One Of The Most Stunning Winter Adventures In Canada (Video)

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This Nature "Skywalk" That Hangs Over A Waterfall In Quebec Is One Of The Most Stunning Winter Adventures In Canada (Video)

The province of Quebec is characterized by a wide variety of landscapes, climates, and conditions. We have stunning mountains, breathtaking planes, and even tranquil beaches. Quebec is a never-ending nature playground of outdoor fun.

The regions surrounding Quebec City are particularly known and even world-renowned for their natural beauty. The Gaspésie Region is especially famous for attracting vacationers and nature-lovers from around the province.

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TL;DR The belvedere at Chute à Philomène in Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs Quebec is a unique 20-foot long look-out dangling high over the surrounding mountains and valleys This popular tourist destination is open all year round!

You can't say you've seen Quebec if you've never been to the Gaspésie Region. Bordering the state of Maine and the province of New Brunswick to the south, the Gaspé peninsula AKA the "thumb" of Quebec, is home to the famous Rocher Perce and other well-known landmarks of the province. 

Another popular tourist attraction in the area is the Chute à Philomène in Saint-Alexandre-des-Lacs.

Recently, a stunning 20-foot belvedere has been built to accommodate all visitors who want to take in the stunning valley and falls. 

Winter, spring, summer, or autumn, the Belvédère chute à Philomène is open to the public.

Check out these crazy aerial photos! 

Via youtube

Via youtube

Via youtube

A visit to the Belvédère chute à Philomène is NOT for those who suffer from fear of heights or vertigo. This 20-foot look-out is dangling over a steep valley and will cause even the bravest to feel a little dizzy and weak in the knees looking over the edge. 

See the full video!

This popular tourist attraction is located in the heart of the Gaspésie region about 4 hours from Quebec City. If you're road tripping through the area, it's most definitly worth a visit!


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