This Networking App Is Changing How Montrealers Find Their Dream Job

We all know that, in our social media-dictated society, a successful career is all about who you know. When it comes to scoring promotions, making moves in an industry, and creating a name for yourself, networking reigns supreme. But it can be difficult to find promising connections among their unfavourablecounterparts. Plus, not everyone has the time to go to events in hopes of rubbing elbows with a few influential professionals.

Navigating the sea of industry names and not having enough free time to meet them are the two main things blocking your goal of climbing the corporate ladder, usually. What you need is an app that does the legwork for you and multiplies your prospects of forming valuable connections. What you need, fellow driven mover and shaker, is Shapr

Founded in Paris, Shapr is a free app emphasizing mindful networking and social awareness. It allows you to meet other experts, unlocks myriad opportunities, and lets you build your dream network - all with the swipe of your finger! With an impressive 2M users globally and 3000-4000 new ones added each day, Shapr leverages a powerful algorithm to draw together professionals with similar work profiles, resulting in seriously efficient networking.

Forget annoying emails with useless connection requests; no more pointless messages filling your inbox, either. What's even cooler? Shapr literally travels with you. Let's say you take a trip overseas, the app will connect you to professionals in each major city around you in the UK, North America, and France.

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So, how does this awesome app work? Well, it's basically as if Tinder and LinkedIn had one glorious digital baby. Log in with your LinkedIn profile, set up your 12 points of interest detailing who you are or who you'd like to meet. Once that's complete, you'll receive a daily batch of 10-15 professionals matching your interests. Swipe left to pass, swipe right to connect. If you and another individual both swipe right, you can use the in-app chat to set up a meeting. It can be as casual as you'd like: Skype, have lunch or grab a coffee, whatever you're both comfortable with.

Shapr isn't just about meeting industry bad-asses and garnering their expertise to further your career. This app allows you to make genuine connections with people who can help you evolve by sharing your views or challenging your opinions; spark a world-changing idea in you; push you to move forward or caution you to pull back; they can help inspire, motivate, teach, impart knowledge and life experiences. Find a match to create art, take photographs, or write a script together. You can simply have a drink, pick each other's brains, and see what good comes out of this unique experience.

You could become an up-and-comer's mentor while simultaneously taking crucial pointers from a boss with even more prowess than you. Connect with an entrepreneur who understands where you're coming from and can help you overcome certain obstacles by learning from their own struggles. Plus, the already-established network is full of satisfied users:

"I met a mentor who helped me and motivated me to launch a startup. As an engineering student, entrepreneurial experience is key to teach me how to lead and thrive outside of a cubicle." - Nikhil Sanka, Toronto.

"After a year and a half of not finding design work after graduating, I was able to find a startup that was in need of a graphic designer. They ended up being much more than just a startup; they were also a team that looked out for one another and was always there to help one another out, from work to their personal lives." - Alan Ngo, Edmonton.

"I've found great partners, and networking, in general, is more authentic. It's a professional-to-professional experience. Honestly, it's the real social network for professionals who want to shape their careers."-Mostafa Elsayed, Montreal.

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Maybe someone will ignite a philanthropic fire within you, encouraging you to pursue impactful humanitarian endeavours. Maybe you'll meet a stranger who'll become your startup partner in five years. You just never know. But Shapr is the easiest and only surefire way to make this magic happen!

Download the Shapr app today and start building your ideal network now, and check out their website for more information!