This New Downtown Montreal Restaurant Serves Food In Cute Little "Pig Bowls"

At this stage in the game, I'm sure you guys are all well aware that my favourite hobby in life is discovering and trying out brand new spots in Montreal.

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So when I came across Le MajesThe (439 Avenue du Président-Kennedy) in downtown Montreal, I was super, super excited.

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This spot is mostly known for its incredibly delicious all-natural unicorn lemonades and super cool terrarium-esque desserts... but tbh, you need to get yourself there and try every. Single. Thing.

The food here is fresh and delicious. I tried their chicken kimchi bao bun, and let me tell you, it was a life-changing experience. The bao bun was soft and steamed to perfection; the chicken was juicy and moist; the kimchi worked perfectly with all the accoutrements in the bun.

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And the cutest part?

Legit, they serve some of their food in the cutest little pig-shaped bowls around. 

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TBH, this spot takes presentation super seriously. Check out some of their other cool dishes:

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Sounds like the coolest spot ever? You know it does! Check out Le MajesThe on Facebook for more information.

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