This New Futuristic Montreal Hotel Has Robots That Will Take Care Of You During Your Stay (Video)

Getting into the traditional hotel game is a bold move in today's tourism market. Considering that consumers are using hotel accommodations less and less in favor of "sharing economy" services like Airbnb and VRBO instead.

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Basically, as a hotel offering a simple bed and a room just won't cut it anymore. For this business to thrive a lot more has to be offered. And Hotel Monville seems to be pushing the boundaries and giving their guests a lot more than just turn down service and a mint on their pillow.

Via hotelmonville

First off, this sleek and modern hotel is tucked away between the Old Port and China town. The location is perfect; for tourist from out of town and locals looking to escape alike.

Once inside, you will first notice the massive floor to ceiling windows, giving you views unlike any other. You really get to see the whole city from inside your room, or from inside the "smart" conference rooms you can reserve for special occasion or meeting.

But this hotel is so much more than just a pretty face, it's an intelligent hotel.

From your check-in - which is all automated - to being greeted at your door by your own robot.  Yes - a little droid-like robot will bring your room service straight to your hotel room door.

L'équipe du Journal @metromontreal a capté des images de notre robot en action. Bon visionnement! 

This type of consumer-facing technology in Montreal is really unprecedented. We've seen it in Japan and other countries, but here, definitely not.

Needless to say, this hotel would be a great escape if you're visiting Montreal, looking to have a quick staycation in the city, or you need to recommend a place to stay to your family visiting from out of town this summer.

Ma première expérience avec un robot fonctionnel à l’ @HotelMonville à #mtl. La robotisation et l’automatisation sont à nos portes #polmtl #polqc

For more information on Hotel Monville check out their official site HERE and Facebook page HERE.

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