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This New Montreal Bar That Has Over 20 Specialty Mircobrews On The Menu

It's all about choice.
This New Montreal Bar That Has Over 20 Specialty Mircobrews On The Menu

I always say that variety is the spice of life. Of course - I didn't come up with this saying, but I think that when it comes to life it should be everyone's motto. 

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That said, a very chic and fun new spot just popped onto our radar that also likes to live by this philosophy.

Pamplemousse, located right near Saint-Laurent Metro in the "Cartier Des Spectacles" is the spot you got to check out if you love beer and cozy intimate restaurants because this spot promises to deliver both under one roof.

Via barpamplemousse

Via barpamplemousse

With a very warm and inviting interior, this is one of those places that you can stay in for hours sipping on a drink and talking with friends.

On the beer side, Pamplemousse wants to expose and support some of the amazing microbreweries you can find here in Quebec. There are over 200 of them.  As a result, they are offering a large selection of a verity of hand-picked microbrews just for their clients.

Not only do they have great beer, they serve food too! In the kitchen, you will find chef Pelo Brisson-Tsavoussis who has worked at Bishop & Bagg, Blackstrap BBQ at Joe Beef. With a wood-burning oven, they are specializing in a light menu of options that will be easy to share and influenced by Carribean flavors, like these Haitian-inspired Gryiyo and plantains ribs. 

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For more information on Pamplemousse check out their Facebook page HERE and Instagram HERE.

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