This New Montreal Cake Shop Actually Sells A Gourmet "Deep N Delicious" Cake

Cakes are always a treat especially the "deep'n delicious" from McCain, which is a classic. 

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Most people have tried this famous cake, and if you haven't, I highly suggest you do! Whether you tried it at your own birthday, a friend's birthday or you bought it yourself and devoured it after dinner (or even before). 

If you haven't tried the McCain version, you can now try a local version of this cake, right here in Montreal!

This delicious treat is created by Sachère Desserts. They are taking this classic Deep n 'Delicious and putting their own spin on it calling it Mckain, and making it more adult friendly using- Bailey's! 

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My mouth is watering just thinking about this indulgent dessert. 

Sachère Desserts just opened last week and has some seriously delicious cakes, vegan desserts and catering. This magnificent bakery has some other truly decadent cakes, just check below. 

Fun fact: the chef Sonya Sammut from Sachère Desserts competed on Chopped Canada Champion and won $10,000! 

Pistachio cake with lemon curd

Apple caramel and cinnamon cake

Granny Smith apples with salted caramel cake

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Be the first to check out this amazing bakery! 

Location: 1274 Boul de Maisonneuve E