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This New Montreal Start-Up Is Giving City Tours Designed For Pot Smokers

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This New Montreal Start-Up Is Giving City Tours Designed For Pot Smokers

In case you missed it, Quebec is finally on track for legal marijuana.

Bill 157 passed earlier this week by a somewhat narrow vote, and we now have a law in place that will regulate the growth, sales, and consumption of marijuana in Quebec. 

So, to sum it up - we did it, we made it. It's happening. This got me to thinking of all the amazing stoner-friendly services and companies that will soon descend upon Montreal with new services. 

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Recently I came across a new Montreal start-up that totally piqued my interest.

MTL 420 Tours! Now, I'm sure many of you are wondering what a 420 tour of Montreal could be. I know I was definitely curious. So, let's dive into this new startup gem of ours!

MTL 420 Tours will be offering a variety of options to Montreal tourists, all with the running theme and mentality of stoner culture in mind. 

Though MTL 420 Tours are just getting started, the crew is already offering up different packages from Gastronomy tours of Montreal to touring Marijuana grow houses! Pre-registration is on now, and they will begin later this summer. 

Here are some of their packaged 420 tours of Montreal so far: 

Gourmet 420 Tours: includes stops at 4 different Montreal restaurants for gourmet food tasting. You will be welcome to, heck encouraged to smoke your cannabis on the bus and enjoy these delicious eats on the MTL foodie scene!

Starting at $110/person:

  • 4 stops discovered 
  • Arranged transport by bus
  • Tour guide and driver
  • Tips for restaurant employees

Via MTL 420 Tours

Montreal 420 Greenhouse Tour: A 3-hour excursion and extraordinary opportunity to discover the backdrop of the cannabis industry in Quebec, and the history of legalization. You will have a 420-friendly bus (of course), tour guide and a first-hand opportunity to learn more about the marijuana cultivation process

Starting $80/person

@kstambackembedded via  

MTL 420 Tours will also be offering their tour packages to Quebec City, as well! From what I was told, they are just working out the details of that now. 

This brand new stoner-friendly startup is also putting together a partnership with Airbnb and a map of stoner-friendly rental spaces in Montreal for all those who will come to town and have a 420-friendly accommodation on their checklist.

MTL 420 Tours are also looking to facilitate staff brainstorms for increased creativity in partnership with various businesses. Cause creativity flows when the smoke flows! More details on that to come soon. 

At this time, MTL 420 Tours will not be providing you the weed to smoke - but soon we will be at that point where a package of smokable and edible goods will likely be a part of your per person price!

This is just the beginning! The closer we get to that final date where it is officially legal to buy and consume weed... the more fun we will get to have in this city in general, and the more services companies like MTL 420 Tours will have! 

You can find more details and book yourself on a 420 tour in Montreal for this summer right here. Follow their official Facebook page to stay in the know of more services to come!

4/20 will now be a daily celebration in Montreal!

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