This New Restaurant In West Island Is Perfect For Your 5 à 7

Delicious cuisine and unique cocktails!
This New Restaurant In West Island Is Perfect For Your 5 à 7

Finding a good restaurant can be a very difficult task. Finding a great restaurant is even harder - finding something with both fantastic food and a great ambiance is difficult. It’s a dilemma that all of us have faced.

Well, foodie lovers rejoice because there is a newrestaurantjust west of the island that promises a fantastic experience.

Via Le Semaphore

Le Semaphore Restaurant is located inside the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel right by the Montreal Airport that opened up about four months ago. I was lucky enough to visit the restaurant last week and experience the ambiance and of course, the food, which is the centre of attention.  

The restaurant offers tasty seasonal cuisine which features Quebec products. Anytime that the restaurant can get its hands on local ingredients, they will, which is a breath of fresh air because you know your food is as fresh as can be. Take their duck for example, which comes from the outskirts of Montreal, or the number of local Canadian brewed beers that they have on tap.

Via Le Semaphore

This trendy new spot also has a bar located in the main lobby of the hotel where you can enjoy a nice lunch like their Mexican salad which is absolutely savory, or their guacamole which is as authentic as can be (take it from a Latina) - or their salmon burger, which features fresh fish. Now, I’m not a fish person but this salmon burger was something else!  

And don’t forget to try out one of their signature cocktails like their Tea Time, which is infused with actual tea. It’s a smooth cocktail with kick of ginger, and it is definitely worth trying.

Via Le Semaphore

The DoubleTree "Wake-Up" Breakfast as well as dinner are served inside the main restaurant of the hotel. Therestaurantoffers a beautiful selection of wines by the glass and a seasonal menu. They also offer banquets for large groups such as corporate meetings and special events. I didn’t get to try their breakfast but the hotel had hosted a Christmas breakfast for their staff earlier that morning and I was told by one of the employees that it was amazing (this was as he was rubbing his belly in delight).

Via Le Semaphore

Now of course, the food is the most important aspect of any restaurant because if you don’t like the food, you probably won’t return. And while the food is exceptional at Le Semaphore Restaurant & Bar, it’s worth noting that the restaurant is making an effort at being more environmentally conscious. For example, all of the utensils used for their "to-go" menu are made with biodegradable materials, including their straws which are made of corn and paper.

Via Le Semaphore

And if that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, their bar also offers a 5 à 7 special which includes:

Beer (pint): $7
House wines 5oZ: $7.50
House wines 9oZ: $13.50
A selection of complimentary snacks (bouchées)

Via Ana cruz

This is truly the perfect spot for your next 5 à 7, date night, and even the perfect spot for you to bring potential clients to!

For more information the Le Semaphore, visit theirwebsiteor check them out onInstagram.