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This New Sleek "Asian Brasserie" Is Hiding Just Outside Of Montreal (Photos)

New drinks spot!
This New Sleek "Asian Brasserie" Is Hiding Just Outside Of Montreal (Photos)

It's easy to get stuck in a routine of hanging out within the same 10-block radius in Montreal. I see you, guilty people! 

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I often hear people complaining about Montreal saying it's a "small" city with not many options of new places to go or things to do. 

To which I say - of course, if you're not willing to walk more than a couple blocks from your apartment this city feels more like a town. 

Many people fail to realize that Montreal is a great big city. When you include the GMA area, including suburbs like the West Island, Laval, and South Shore - just to name a few, all of a sudden this little "town" starts to feel like a great big city.

One spot that caught our eye is the brand spanking new Miss Wong in Laval's Centropolis.

Miss Wong is taking over the MASSIVE space that used to be occupied by bumping Club Moomba which closed in 2017

This spot is brand-new and is still only in soft-launch mode, which means it's only open select nights during the week. But it's officially opening August 29th! 

Miss Wong is an "Asian Brasserie" driven menu.  Think small plates that are super shareable. And they will offer Dim Sum as part of a special Sunday menu! 

Most importantly, the interior looks stunning. Inspired by 1970s Hollywood chic, just peep some of these photos!

@aanaaisembedded via  

@thatboyinbeigeembedded via  

Via misswongbrasserie

Miss Wong stays open late too, so it's a great spot to just grab some drinks and listen to music if that's more you're speed. Open until 2am Wednesday-Saturday.

Check out their Instagram page HERE for more info! 

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