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This Old Montreal "Chateau" Has Been Transformed Into Your Dream Office

Old meets new in this amazing redesign.
This Old Montreal "Chateau" Has Been Transformed Into Your Dream Office

An office can be a thing of beauty, and in all honesty, it should be. Nothing fosters productivity like an aesthetically pleasing workspace, and I would know, having worked in everything from bare-bones startup to trendy Plateau loft offices.

But nothing compares to the offices designed byacdf* Architecture for Montreal-based company Lightspeed, a sleek and altogether chic workspace that you won't believe you used to be a railroad station and hotel.

Originally Gare-hôtel Viger, an Old Port Chateau-style building designed by architect Bruce Price in 1898, the space now stands as a monument to modern aesthetics with its open-space and minimalist style blended with some street art and sculptural flair.

But acdf* didn't want to throw away the building's long and rich history altogether. To link the new design with the old, the architecture firm decided to keep the space's brick walls and exposed wood, endowing the office with a warm, natural glow that balances the bright colours and sharp contours of the redesign.

To see inside the beautiful office designed by acdf* Architecture, check out the photos below.

*All photos courtesy of acdf* Architecture

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