This "Pick Your Own Fruit" Farm 20 Minutes Away From Montreal Has 15 Different Kinds Of Strawberries

Gotta pick em' all!
This "Pick Your Own Fruit" Farm 20 Minutes Away From Montreal Has 15 Different Kinds Of Strawberries

Warm weather is approaching! That means that it's time to switch gears and start getting ready for summer weather and summer activities.

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You hear me, no more staying inside all weekend and moping about all the snow outside. Seeing as you're actually going to be able to step outside your door without freezing your face off, you have the obligation and the responsibility to do so.

Well, luckily there are tons of things you can do in and around Montreal that will make you feel nice and chipper this string, including strawberry picking!

I don't know if any of you have ever been before but it's ridiculously fun. You get to enjoy the nice weather, company of your friends, nature, and on top of that you get to eat nice, delicious, ripe fruit picked straight off the branch!

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What many people don't realize is that you don't actually have to drive 3 hours up into the Laurentians to find some quality fruit-picking places, there are some right close to home. 

La Ferme Quinn is located on l'Île-Perrot, just 20 minutes outside of Montreal and this place is seriously amazing. Not only can you pick strawberries, but depending on the season, they have all sorts of fun activities. They've got pumpkin picking, apple picking, Christmas tree picking! There aren't any slim pickings at this place.

They also offer farmyard activities, an animal barn, tractor rides, and make and sell fresh baked goods. On top of that, their snack barn and picnic area serves organic, free-range animals. Their bakery makes pies, muffinds, bread and cookies fresh every day. You can even find preserves and jams made from the fruits and vegetables they grow!

La Ferme Quinn also sells

 meat, eggs, bread, cheese, oil, pottery, and crafts! This family-owned farm makes only the best. After buying it from Elwood and Marie Quinn, their son Phil and his wife began operating the farm. So, this business is family-made and family-owned. How cute! And they know their strawberries.

 Just to name a few, La Ferme Quinn has Rubicorn, Sparkle, and Lila strawberries. Who even knew those existed? But, like I said, this place has 15 different kinds of strawberries! That sounds like heaven. Here is the complete list.

Strawberry season is in June and July, so you've still got some time to made room in your calendar for this fun warm-weather event. 


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