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This Piercing Is Changing People's Lives

After seeing this you'll want one too.
This Piercing Is Changing People's Lives

According to research humans have been poking holes in themselves for the past  4,000 years. Traditionally the ring earrings were offered as gifts from a husband to his wife upon marriage, representing financial security for her even if they were eventually divorced.

With this in mind and even though we no longer pierce ourselves to represent our financial security, it is still very much part of our society. And even more recently, would you believe, people are piercing in a very specific place to relieve headaches. Even Kylie Jenner has one.

Now you may be asking how is this possible, well it is a simple adaptation to acupuncture. As acupuncture is renowned to be the statistical placing of pins in order to reduce pain. This piercing essentially operates on this principle by stimulating nerves underneath the skin of the ear.

This new and affective trend is known as a ‘daith piercing' and it's success and popularity is greatly supported by both news reports and individuals all over the net. With the positioning being crucial in its effectiveness the ear piercing must passe through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold. As this is a renown pressure point in acupuncture for reducing headache and migraine pain.

goodbye migraines ?? thank you @Illoxide for telling me ab the daith piercing! love it ?

— rylee black (@ryleeblxck) 7 juin 2016

— s a m (@samkeaysxo) 31 mai 2016

First migraine in over 8 months since having daith piercing done. Used to be twice a week. Go and see a piercer!

— Scoots (@scootertooter7) 26 mai 2016

Even though it hasn't been formally researched to prove if the piercing is directly related to people's pain relief there is enough evidence and testimonies to be found that strongly support it's success. Therefore if piercing is your thing and your headaches are driving you crazy, why not, what have you got to lose?

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