This PK Subban GoPro Video Proves He Got Snubbed At The All-Star Game

This past weekend we saw our favourite NHL all-stars (minus a few notables) hit the ice in Columbus for the 60th NHL All-Star Game. While the jerseys were pretty hideous, the event was pretty successful, with a record number of goals scored and we even saw Ovechkin finally win a car, which he donated to a good cause.

What we didn't see unfortunately, was PK Subban flashing his sexy hockey skills (we're still baffled why he wasn't there) but thankfully a recent promo by GoPro did #76 some sweet, sweet justice.

Check out the awesome video if you haven't already (and even if you have because it's awesome) to get a beautiful first-person POV of sheer talent displayed on an epic level, and feel free to bombard the NHL with angry letters regarding PK getting the snub.

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