This Plateau Police Officer Made Way More Money Than You By Breaking The Law

Photo cred - David Vilder

Remember the days when you thought every police officer was a paragon of law and order, a beacon of justice, a living statue of ethical action and virtues? Yeah, me neither, but this Montreal police officer definitely isn't helping anything.

A member of a huge bookkeeping gambling ring, Montreal police sergeant Andre Thibodeau was arrested as part of a huge "takedown" that comprised criminals of four different cities and over 150 police officers, reports CTV.

Based in Plateau-Mont Royal, Thibodeau was arrested for a hot mess of different charges, including book making, conspiracy, and gangsterism, which is apparently a real word.

No one really knows how large the illegal gambling ring Thibodeau helped organize was, though suspicions say some bets were made for as much as $100, 000. Needless to say, Thibodeau made some serious cash off the whole thing. Crime does pay, until you're arrested that is.

Because Montreal is basically like Gotham City, the corrupt Plateau police sergeant's betting ring is believed to have ties to "Italian organized crime." Hopefully this just means the Batman of Montreal will be on the scene sometime soon, or you know, things will just stay the same as they have been forever. I'm hoping for the Bat-scenario myself.