This Plow Moving Snow INTO The Street Perfectly Depicts How Done With Winter Montreal Is

Now that we've had a taste of spring, I don't want to think about winter anymore. The sun is shining and most of the snow has melted from the sidewalks (or, at least, this is the case downtown). If I squint I can even pretend that there's no snow left at all.

Spring is treating us to a lot of relatable AF videos.

Snow plow operators have had a really difficult winter, too, thanks to record amounts of snow. And it's obvious that they are sick of clearing snow from the streets. The IDGAF attitude is spreading to these operators, as a video posted to "Spotted: Montreal" demonstrates.

TL;DR A video posted to Facebook this weekend is a good example of how done Montrealers are with winter.

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A video was posted to Facebook on Friday on the page "Spotted: Montreal."

The video shows a snow plow blowing snow into a dump truck. The only problem is that the truck's bed isn't properly closed, and the snow is falling right back into the street.

Honestly, this is the most relatable video I've seen in a while. It really reminds me of those days you know you're doing a terrible job and just don't care enough to do anything about it.

It's also a good metaphor for Montreal generally.

 Our over-inflated bureaucracy and a lack of follow-through with even the most basic projects lead to delays and construction jobs so shoddy they have to be re-done the following year.

Via Spotted Montreal

RE: construction fails like the paved-over traffic cone and an icy street paved over with asphalt. 

Not to mention all of those times 5 construction workers are watching one dude hammer a nail in a pole.

Of course, everyone on Facebook chipped in their own two cents on the video: some are calling the videographer out for not letting the snow plow know what was going on, while others are ripping on the operators for not noticing themselves.

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