This Political Party In Quebec Wants To Increase The Minimum Age To Smoke Marijuana

Election season in Quebec kicked off today with the official start to political campaigning.

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Provincial election aren't until November so tons of new promises, policies, and plans are sure to be announced in the coming months. Some might actually manifest into real action. But probably not.

Nevertheless, this is an exciting time for Quebec residents hopeful that leaders might rise to meet their needs and concerns.

But unfortunately for some young people, the election cycle launched with some disappointing news. 

According to the Montreal Gazette, the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ), the centre-right party that hopes to displace the Liberals' control of the National Assembly, announced today that it views eighteen as too young an age for residents to consume marijuana.

Recreational marijuana becomes officially legal nationwide on October 17th. In Quebec, a new legal code has already emerged to regulate the drug. Government-run retail stores, much like the SAQ, will have a monopoly over marijuana distribution. Store locations in Montreal have already been announced.

These developments have roused excitement among Quebecers and prospective residents, particularly those foreign students of legal age who will suddenly have access to the drug.

The CAQ may derail those plans, however. It would see the minimum age for marijuana consumption raised to twenty-one. That is, if the party manages to win a majority.

Those under twenty-one would not even be able to enter marijuana retail stores run by the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) if store regulations are updated accordingly.

At one point during the summer, the CAQ was polling ahead of every other major party in the province. Though, much is sure to change between now and November.

Stay tuned for more election-related news.


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