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This Popular Canadian Attraction Will Make You Feel Like You're In A Fantasy World

The 'real' Canada is here.
This Popular Canadian Attraction Will Make You Feel Like You're In A Fantasy World

When you land on the breathtaking photos of Gros Morne Park, the tourism site for Newfound Land and labrador cheekily says "suddenly four walls and a yoga mat just won't cut it"

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One look at this incredible jaw-dropping landscape and the bar will be raised to another level. It took 485 million years for the forces of nature to create what is known and experienced as Gros Morne Park today.

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This Canadian wonder is a UNESCO world heritage site covering 1,805 square kilometers, where you can hike, boat, eat, swim, and take in the mind-blowing power of raw nature at it's best.

Hikers of all levels can enjoy a day in the park. But you don't need to stay for the day, bring your camping gear and stay overnight.  Or - if you prefer some cozier accommodations, this popular tourist attraction boasts local and charming accommodations in the area. 

Via newfoundlandlabrador

Not only is Gros Morne one of Newfoundland's number one attractions, Newfoundland itself is a gem waiting to be discovered. Giving you the experience of traveling to Iceland without the 6-hour flight.

Flying from Montreal to St.Johns is just a quick two and a half hour flight.  With a population of only about 100,000 the quaint and humble nature of the coastal city will charm any tourists passing by.  Don't let the small population fool you, there are tons of things to do and see in St.Johns.  It's also Instagram heaven, I just had to say it.

So when you're done eating lobster and sipping on local brew, you can head out for your nature adventure to Gros Morne Park. The drive may be long - about 6-hours - but it's part of the journey of traveling across this beautiful province with some of the most incredible sights. 

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For more information on Gros Morne and Newfoundland, click HERE and HERE.

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