This Popular Vegan Product Is Being Recalled Across Canada For Secretly Containing Real Dairy And People Are Furious

Making products for the vegan consumer market means having to ensure there is no chance of any meat or dairy products being an ingredient. Seriously, that's probably the most obvious rule, but also the most important one.

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TL;DR The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled a dairy-free cheese product for containing milk as an undeclared ingredient. There has already been one reported illness due to the product. Check the expiry date below to ensure you don't have the contaminated package.

So when it does so happen that vegans are getting sick from eating a certain product only to later find out that product contains non-vegan ingredients, things don't go over so well.

Unfortunately, this entire situation came true over the weekend, causing for a giant recall across Canada.

The product in question, Emborg brand Pizza Style Dairy Free Shreds, was a mock cheese that turned out to be pretty real. After one person had a bad reaction to the product it was confirmed that the "cheese" contained undeclared milk - a giant "NO" in the vegan world.

Via Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Health Canada first looked into the product's ingredients after consumer complaints, so it's confirmed that vegans and anyone else who's dairy-free are pretty furious right about now.

Not only is this bad news for anyone who's dairy-free by choice, but also for people who have to consume mock dairy products due to serious health issues. 

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has verified that the product has been removed from stores, but if you happen to have this product with the expiry date 2019/FE/10 you'll definitely want to get rid of it.

Since the CFIA is still conducting an investigation on the product, there is potential that other vegan products will be recalled as well.

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