This Proves That The Government Of Quebec Is Dumber Than You Think

Yesterday I was riding on the bus when I saw an ad.

The ad was about a program offered by the Quebec government to give free French lessons to immigrants.

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At first, I thought it was a nice idea, and it is. But there's one problem...

Notice anything weird about this ad? Just look... LOOK AT IT!!!

It's all in French. Every word.

You need to know French, to read a sign, in order to know you can take free French classes.

Am I the only one who thinks this is insane?

The government actually spent money on an ad that targets an audience who can't read it. That ad might as might as well be about a dating service exclusively for blind people, they're not gonna see it anyways.

I have better way this money can be spent, they can just pay me personally to spread the word about these classes and I'll just stay at home and no nothing. Same result.

But this article isn't just about making fun of the Quebec Government, I actually want to spread the word that these programs exist, because unfortunately a lot of people aren't aware of them for obvious reasons.

So in case you're genuinely interested in these classes or know someone else that could greatly benefit, here's the link (In English) where you can sign up.

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