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This Quebec Bike Route Ranked Top In The World

The trail is over 5,000 kms long!
This Quebec Bike Route Ranked Top In The World

As the province with the largest geographic area in Canada, Quebec is known for having some of the best scenic routes of all time. What many people don't know is that most of these provincial routes are perfect for a mountain bike. Offering paths you wouldn't be able to take by car or on foot alone, bike routes are sometimes unexplored territory.

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On the other hand, there are some insanely popular trails that people from around the world come to Quebec for. Surprisingly, our province actually holds the record for the longest bike path in North America. Not only that, but this route is probably the most breathtaking and unbelievable bike trail ever created.

The Route Verte is a 5,000 km bike network that crosses 18 of Quebec's22 tourist regions. And if you thought this couldn't get any better, the National Geographic Society actually ranked it the top bike route in the world! This sounds like more than enough reason to grab a bike and get peddling down this incredible path.

The path travels East all the way West of Quebec, along the sides of cliffs and ocean shores as well as through small rural villages and untraveled roads. The terrain and views while on the trail vary immensely, some days you'll travel along the calm St. Lawrence River while on others you may find yourself beholding the mountain views in the Laurentides. 

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The route began it's development in 1995 and was only fully completed within the last decade, so you can only imagine the intense work that was put into making this the most amazing bike route in the world. 

The entire Route Verte is divided into eight sections, so you have the option of following the route section-by-section or going rogue and making your own unique itinerary. The journey is said to be a bit challenging at times, but aren't most unforgettable stories? Going on this adventure around the province with nothing but your bike and a lot of time reserved for the outdoors will be an experience you'll never be able to replicate elsewhere.

To find out more information on the Route Verte and to plan your journey, check out the official website HERE.

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