This Quebec City Has Been Denied Uber

Taking a firm stance against Uber.
This Quebec City Has Been Denied Uber

Few smartphone apps are quite as controversial as Uber, as the ride-hailing service has launched protests upon protests in numerous North American cities. Montreal included.

Hoping to bypass any and all melodrama that comes with the introduction of Uber into a city, the City of Laval proposed a motion that would regulate Uber, only to be shot down entirely.

To be specific, four Laval city councillors proposed a motion that would ask the Quebec government to regulate Uber and UberX as a service.

Unfortunately, the mayor of Laval voted against the motion, and was not even willing to meet with Uber management, firm in the belief that Uber (or at least, UberX) is entirely illegal.

One of the councillors who proposed the motion, Jean Lecompte Coupal, justified his pro-UberX stance to JdeM, believing that going against Uber will allow taxi companies to monopolize the market and increase prices as they please.

But despite Laval's decision to ban UberX, it may not go as smoothly as the city hopes. Remember that Montreal's mayor Denis Coderre publicly stated that UberX is illegal, but that hasn't really stopped people from using the service.

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