Fall is the perfect season for getaways. We probably spent all summer working, constantly seeing friends and family, and probably not taking much time to slow down and relax. That's just how summer goes because we want to make the most of every single minute while the weather is nice and sunny. 

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That's why, when fall hits we probably need a break. It may not be holiday season but it's still the perfect time to use a vacation day or two and spend it relaxing in a beautiful fall foliage wonderland! 

This hotel is the perfect fall destination to escape to once the leaves start to change colours to bright reds, oranges and yellows. 

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Hotel Le Bonne Entente was ranked at the very top of a recent list published by Forbes Travel Guide in their article on Unforgettable Fall Escapes.

This stunning hotel is located in Quebec City at 3400 Ch Ste-Foy just a 2 hour 30 minute drive from Montreal. 

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The article written by Forbes praises their fall-themed menu featuring $1 oysters on Fridays and a festive brunch on Saturdays and Sundays making for a weekend full of delicious food and amazing scenery! 

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The rooms will cost around $169 per night and will include plush beds, plasma screen TVs, therapeutic baths and so much more! 

They also have a huge outdoor pool, which is open all year round, a newly renovated spa and stunning outdoor gardens. 

Visit their website to book your fall getaway now!